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Price List

Lesson - your own horse/pony only
I charge £30.oo per coaching session which usually last between 45 minutes and an hour.  Most of my clients prefer to work alone but, if more than one rider is in the lesson, this charge is divided equally between them.
I make no charge for the use of my own arena.

Stable management training and Examining/Assessing
I charge £30.00 per hour for stable management, lungeing training, examining etc., no matter how many clients are on the session. I prefer to train or assess no more than six at a time.
Travel charge
Any additional cost of travelling to you is kept as low as possible (typically £0 to £15) and if more than one client is taught at a yard the travelling charge is split between you. 
Pony Club and Riding Club rates are the same as for private clients.  
07752 808062 
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