Dawn Britnell BHSII (Reg'd) - Freelance Riding Instructor

My Support Team

I would be totally lost without my wonderful husband Tim!
He wakes me up every morning (no matter how hard I try to ignore him!), always finds a smile, and delights in the kids and horses as much as I do.

who really must get around to building his own website!
The most wonderful daughter who is always a delight to have around even when I am not! The kindest and sweetest girl a mother could wish for and not a bad rider either ;-) (Ed.Roxanne wrote this!) 

Buddy (Oh Boy) Sadly deceased   &         Freddie (Fantasmic) (17)

Brad (Continuity) (12)

(Barrettstown Derby) (8)

(Newmiln Jamestown) (12)

 Rosso (Rossini Red) (25)


and Crunchie has now joined the family........I must find a new picture of him as I can no longer pick him up!

Katie Robinson of  Baskerville Horgan & Partners who is unfailingly brilliant and cheerful!http://www.hampdenvets.co.uk/EquineHome.php
Mark Rudge DWCF is new to our team but is very much appreciated for all he does to keep the horses on the road.......
Margie Craib who keeps us all, horses and humans alike, comfortable and worried that we don't find time for pilates......
Roxanne insists I also include the goats though I remain unconvinced that a) they make any contribution at all and b) that they are staying for much longer! (Now rehomed!)
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